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Little Human Linens

Chai Leaves Waterproof Sheet

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We’re setting the mood for your favourite warm brew with the Little Human® Linens Chai Leaves Waterproof Cot Sheet.

Featuring warm latte hues, this print is dedicated to the mum-life gamble of ordering coffee.

It always starts promising. You order a cup of liquid gold, then baby’s octopus hands grab everything at the café and right on cue (when your coffee is ready) baby begins fussing for a feed…

Your coffee is literally screaming your name (as is your #littlehuman).

The moral of the story? Every mum has some moments that don’t go to plan.

So we make sure you win those unplanned sheet changes every time.


We make waterproof fitted bed sheets for the Little Human® in your life.

Our difference? Just ONE sheet per change, ONE item to wash and ONE item to put away.

  • Made from super soft organic cotton
  • Printed with eco-friendly dyes
  • Free from crackling, crunching and other absurd noises
  • Breathable waterproof membrane
  • Free from BPA's and other nasties
  • Hygienic barrier protection - perfect for daycare!
  • Easy care, wash with your regular laundry cycle
  • Cot sheet size - 132 x 71 x 20cm (please note they do not fit the old generation Boori large cots)
  • Change table / Euro bassinet sheet size - 85 x 51 x 17cm

For the 3am parenting win, layer two of our sheets on your mattress (one over top of the other). You’ll be high fiving yourself as you head back to bed quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!