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Wean Meister

Chewy Spoons | 2 Pack

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 We love silicone - it's a natural element that is non-toxic, durable and biocompatible (works well with the human body).

- also doubles as a handy teething aid, so nice and chunky for chomping on!

- more shallow than other baby spoons, making it ideal for starting solids as little lips can close over to easily remove food from spoon

- high grade LFGB silicone, which exceeds safety guidelines

- bacteria resistant, easy to clean

- extremely durable, will stand the test of time

- food safe and dishwasher safe

WARNING - Please do not put these spoons in the microwave or electric steriliser. The internal rod is made of nylon and will not withstand the high temperature. They can be sterilised in the dishwasher or hot, soapy water.